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Money doesn't have to be complicated. After all, it's not rocket science. Welcome to Armstrong Purselley's podcast, 'To Retirement And Beyond' with Co-Founders & Wealth advisors Brian Armstrong and Shawndi Purselley.

This show will help clarify some of financial planning's biggest questions, give you advice in common language, and show you how to build an effective game plan to accomplish your retirement goals.

Join us each episode as Shawndi and Brian cover things like taxes, income planning, and avoiding the most common mistakes people make when planning for their financial futures.

Find out more online at or by calling 817-952-7260. Armstrong Purselley has offices in Bedford, Cleburne, and Burleson, Texas.

Oct 12, 2021

Getting husbands and wives on the same page with their retirement plan can often be a challenge. Let’s talk about some of the things that couples often mess up.



Aug 31, 2021

Everyone has a different reason, goal or something they want to accomplish in retirement. Let’s explore some of the various motivations people have in retirement and how your financial advisor can help you accomplish what you set out to do.


Aug 16, 2021

We find that many women have trouble telling people no in many aspects of life. Whether it's giving money to children, or taking care of a family member, many women worry about disappointing those around them and will put themselves in uncomfortable situations for the sake of others. On today's show, we talk about the...

Jul 20, 2021

Before you can effectively put together a retirement income plan, it’s important to understand your own tendencies for spending. Let’s explore the different spending personalities we see among women.



Jul 8, 2021

We are living much longer today thanks to modern medicine and technology. While this is certainly a positive development, we also need to be aware that most people will need some assistance with care as they get older. We see that many women take on the role as the caregiver for their spouse, or family member. But what...